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Jessie Davis

In the late 30s and early 40s Jimmie Hale was known as the town drunk, but he eventually gave his life to Christ and began rewriting his story. Armed with a desire to share God’s life-changing love with others and to help those walking where he had, Jimmie set out to create a place where homeless men could find encouragement and hope.

Jimmie soon married Miss Jessie Davis, a school teacher from Moundville, Alabama, and the couple founded the Mission on March 25, 1944.

Sadly, Jimmie passed away just eight months later due to health complications, leaving behind a 27-year-old pregnant widow. This single mother refused to forfeit her commitment to the dream she and her husband shared, however, and her resolve would prove to be the foundation on which the Mission would stand for generations to come.

Jessie’s Place is named in honor of this an incredible woman of faith who exemplified strong female leadership and an unwavering commitment to serving those in need. Since 1998 this facility has carried on her desire to help women facing life’s struggles.  

Jessie Hale
Jimmie & Jessie Hale

About the Program


Jessie’s Place is a residential transformation program located in the heart of downtown Birmingham that can accommodate up to 35 women and children.

We are more than a shelter for the homeless women and children. We offer Christ-centered support to help encourage, strengthen and empower those enduring life’s hardships. We work hard to give women and children the chance for transformation by creating an environment where despair becomes hope, sorrow becomes joy and the broken and hurting become strong and whole.

We strive to show Christ’s love in the world and look to nurture the spirit, strengthen confidence and move clients toward independent living.

Residents receive daily life skills training, bible study classes as well as education remediation and job readiness lessons through the Stewart Learning Center. Our professional staff facilitates individual case management, counseling and discipleship sessions as well as child enrichment programs, including play therapy.

We believe that providing a refuge for change will help ensure that these women become strong and self-sufficient members of society once again. Inside our doors, women and children find the way out.


2305 5th Avenue North

Birmingham, AL 35203

(205) 323-0170


Jessie's Place is a part of the Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc., Jessie's Place is a part of Downtown Jimmie Hale Mission, Inc., a Christian-based, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which includes a homeless shelter for men, a shelter for women and children and recovery programs - each with learning centers. This charity is often misspelled Jimmy Hale Mission.


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